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Sep 17, 2020

Are you old enough to remember if you eat meat on Friday you’ll go to hell? Was that extreme? Looking back, perhaps. The point is, when we make the extra effort to improve our relationship with God the reward is special. You should try it.

Sep 15, 2020

Have you gone to dinner with friends? Have you gone to a grocery store, pharmacy or doctor's appointment? I could go through a number of places or events. The question is, as a Catholic, have you used the pandemic as an excuse to skip Mass?

Sep 6, 2020

Prayer is the natural result of our close relationship with the Lord. Prayer is a conversation. It starts as a child when we are taught to speak to Jesus as a friend. It is a matter of speaking with a very good friend. Since prayer is a conversation you also have to learn to listen to what he is telling you

Aug 27, 2020

Perhaps you've heard the story. A young Catholic Priest watched a video of his baptism and noticed something was wrong. The Catholic Deacon said, "We baptize you..." He should have said, "I baptize you..." thus making the baptism invalid. I'll explain.

Aug 18, 2020

We all have our doubts. And, The Pew Research Center supports that. I say a prayer every time I look at the host and the wine and say, “I believe, but help thou my unbelief.” It takes a lot of faith to believe I’m consuming the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. That’s why I believe in payer.