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Jan 15, 2021

On January 6, 2021 we witnessed an event that will leave a serious mark on the pages of American history. We hear things like “just when I thought I had seen it all” or “can it get any worse?” More than ever, I want people to pray. Pray for peace and unity. Pray that we listen to what the other person is trying...

Jan 5, 2021

Doctors and nurses, especially now, have a ministry. In fact, we all do. The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord reminds us that for 30 years Jesus was a carpenter. We’re all blessed with a skill. Not unlike Jesus, the road ahead can be a difficult one. A road, I believe, we can achieve starting with our own baptism.

Jan 2, 2021

The feast marking the end of Christmas is called “Epiphany.” On January 6th, this feast commemorates the mysterious visit of the magi to the Baby Jesus. What lessons should we and shouldn't learn from this incident?