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Oct 29, 2019

Who doesn't love candy? Children dressed up as super heroes and a princess shouting "trick or treat!" Halloween is a name that means nothing by itself; however, it is a contraction of "All Hallows Eve," and it designates the vigil of All Hallows Day, more commonly known as All Saints Day.

Oct 26, 2019

The primary champion of these vows was St. Francis of Assisi. Ever since, many religious communities have followed suit and profess similar vows. According to canon law, every member of a religious order must profess publicly these three vows. I'll explain. 

Oct 20, 2019

Recently, Pope Francis has suggested that he’s open to Priests in certain areas, like the Amazon, allowing for married Priests. Conservative Catholic clerics are ready to advise the resignation of the pope if he signs off on such heretical matters.

Oct 17, 2019

You’re a retired Senior Priest. Retired? Hardly! Morning prayer, a full plate of Mass schedules at several churches, weddings and funerals, confession, counseling and prepping for your homilies. The cycle never ends! How does a Catholic Priest recharge? 

Oct 14, 2019

Welcome to Part 2 of Catholic Home Schooling. It’s perfectly explained by a friend of a friend of Fr. Joe's by the name of Luanne. Luanne does an incredible job of enlightening us on a topic that I believe is only going to continue to grow in popularity.