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Mar 27, 2022

I had a friend ask me "Why is Jesus so angry in today's gospel?" That's a great question. As we know, Jesus was human, yet he's also fully divine. Jesus got angry, but angry for the right reasons. How you challenge your anger can help define who you are. 

Mar 19, 2022

It’s Friday night and you can smell it in the air around Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Auburn Hills, MI. Did somebody say “fish fry?” In various parts of the country, the Friday Lenten fish fry is a staple. Parishioners come together and enjoy fish instead of meat.   

Mar 12, 2022

You can handle the small projects. Maybe it’s anger, patience or being selfish. A key to this process is both prayer and reflection. We ask God to guide us in reshaping our weaknesses. Remember, we don’t have to do a major remodel. Those around you will embrace your upgrade.